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Wall Roofing Contractor

Wall roof repairs and new IKO roof shingles installed by G&C Home Improvements. This Wall Twp. New Jersey homeowner had some roof damage caused by a falling tree that took out a portion of the rafters, roof sheathing, fascia and gutter. Fortunately, it was an older roof that was in need of replacement roof shingles when this happened. Gerry Smith and the G&C team did the structural repairs to the rafters first and then replaced the plywood sheathing. The remaining roof shingles were then removed along with the old felt paper and the entire roof deck was inspected for defects such as rot from a water leak or insect infestation.

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G&C company owner Gerry Smith is an IKO Certified Roofing Specialist, serving Ocean and Monmouth Counties with professional roofing services. For a homeowner to receive a valid roof warranty IKO ice and water shield is laid down around the perimeter of the roof on every IKO roof that G&C installs. The special Ice & Water shield stops blown rain and ice backup at the gutter from pushing under the shingles and reaching the plywood. The next step in the IKO roofing process is to lay down the 15 lb. ASTM felt paper over the entire roof of the house. Once this is complete IKO leading-edge plus starter shingles are used to secure the first line of shingles. As a Wall roofing contractor G&C is capable of servicing all types of residential roof clients. All G&C Wall NJ roofing jobs include new boot flashing for plumbing vents stacks and heater vents. Inspection and replacement of chimney flashing and flashing around other vital areas to eliminate potential water leaks.

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