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Toms River Roofing Contractor

The G&C crew stripped the existing asphalt roofing shingles completely off of the plywood deck. The roof deck was then thoroughly inspected and swept clean before the new roof was installed. Gerry Smith the owner of G&C is a certified IKO roofing contractor and is qualified to diagnose and correct roofing problems that lead to premature aging of residential roofing systems.


The G&C crew then began the process of installing the new IKO roofing system. First new IKO ice and water shield is laid down around the perimeter of the roof.  New felt paper is installed as the shingle underlayment. New IKO Cambridge AR/HR ridge vent was installed on this job to properly ventilate the attic space and prevent interior condensation. New IKO pro edge starter shingles were used as part of the roof system. As a professional roof contractor G&C replaced all of the pipe collars and step flashing to give the entire roof a new round of guaranteed home protection from rain, snow and other exterior moisture.  The installation of the IKO Cambridge A/R roof shingles with a wind speed rating of 115 MPH is the final phase of the process.

G&C takes care of the cleanup and old shingle disposal as per DEP requirements. The entire process from building permits if required to a  finished new roof is what the professionals at G&C Home Improvements offer Ocean and Monmouth County homeowners.

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