Waretown Roofing Contractor

G&C Home Improvements installed new IKO roof shingles on this Ocean Twp. ranch style home. Gerry Smith and his crew of professional roofers removed the old and failing shingles and did a thorough roof inspections. Gerry is a certified IKO shingle installer and has over 20 years of roofing experience. He checked the roof for rotting plywood or any type of water damage that may have caused a need for repair or replacement of some part of the roof sheathing.

The new roof installation starts with vent pipe collars being replaced, flashing is replaced as needed around chimney.  New IKO storm shield ice and water protector is installed around the perimeter of the roof.  New 15 ASTM felt paper and new Armour guard starter shingles are installed. The new roof is ready for the IKO Cambridge AR roof shingle installation and the new cobra ridge vent and new  AR H/R 12 ridge cap.

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