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As a full service Ocean County roofing contractor G&C is able to handle all aspects of residential roofing. We start most jobs with removal of old under performing shingles. This allows us a fresh start and thorough inspection of the plywood roof deck. This is an extremely important step that gets bypassed when a roof is laid over existing shingles. A structurally sound roof deck is the proper starting point for laying down the ice and water shield around the roof perimeter. Ice and water shield is used to prevent ice from backing up under the shingles in the event of frozen or leaf clogged gutters. Synthetic Underlayment is then spread across the entire roof surface, giving the shingles a smooth surface to rest on and protecting the roof deck until the roofing shingles are completely installed.

EXTREME Good Looks

Make your home the envy of your neighborhood.

IKO Dynasty premium-quality laminated performance shingles offer peace of mind and protection from inclement weather. PLUS they look fantastic, boost curb appeal and can potentially increase the resale value of your property.

What’s an “ArmourZone?” It’s a 1 1/4” wide nailing surface for correct nail placement reinforced by a tear-resistant band that provides even more fastening strength over a wider surface area of the shingle. Nails applied in this area are optimally positioned to help resist nail pull-through and shingle blow-off, even in high winds.

IKO Dynasty shingles with ArmourZone are manufactured in IKO’s special “Advantage” size. Bigger than most competitors’ comparable product, they offer greater exposure to give you a dramatic-looking roof that really stands out from the ordinary

IKO Dynasty Color Options

Nature inspired eleven fresh, bold and ultra high-definition color blends. IKO’s exclusive, advanced color blending technology made them possible. Complementary hip and ridge cap shingles are available as the ultimate accessory to create a spectacular new roofscape for your home.

Go ahead. Pick one up and heft it in your hand to experience quality you can feel. These oversized shingles are heavy-duty to stand guard as your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Thanks to the addition of the ArmourZone, IKO Dynasty shingles have been designed to resist winds of up to 130 mph (210 km/h). They’ve become popular among discerning homeowners because at IKO, we never take quality for granted. Neither should you.