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Key Features of Forked River NJ


Forked River is an unincorporated community within Lacey Township. While it may not technically be its own township, the people of Forked River certainly consider themselves a community and for good reason. As one of the safest places in Ocean County and with plenty of waterfront, it is an exciting place to live.


One of the unique quirks of Forked River is the pronunciation of the name. Unlike its spelling, the “Forked” is pronounced with two syllables: Fork-ed. This unusual pronunciation is one of the ways residents connect with one another. Mispronouncing the name is a sign of an outsider or a new resident.


Sandwiched between Lanoka Harbor (north), Bamber Lake (west), Barnegat (southwest) and Waretown (south), Forked River is in an ideal location with easy access to the parkway and major highways in Ocean County. 


The community has consistently grown since the early 90s and now has over 5,200 residents. It is not a very diverse community, with nearly 98% of the population being white, which is in line with the surrounding communities, including the school district of Lacey Township, where kids go to school.


Forked River is mostly known for its beautiful waterfront and safe neighborhoods. This suburban community is situated perfectly in New Jersey. While the community is quiet and features plenty of great restaurants, shops and open spaces, it is also easy to reach Atlantic City, Philadelphia and New York City. 


Thanks to its great location and school district, Forked River is a great destination for families. It is also a great place to retire, especially for water lovers. If you own a boat, you will have plenty of places to dock your boat and plenty of places to visit.


Best of all is the sense of community. As one of the safest places to live in Ocean County, you can sleep easy at night in Forked River. Whether you need roof installation in Forked River or to get your car fixed, you know you can trust the people doing the work. 


If you’ve been looking for a place to live, Forked River is definitely a place to consider. It checks all the boxes and is definitely a place you won’t tire of. No matter what your life situation is, Forked River is the place for you.

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