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Events Around Forked River You Need To Add To Your Calendar


If you live in or around Forked River, you have plenty of options when it comes to fun things to do. While going out to dinner or grabbing some drinks at a local bar are great options, there are also times when you want to go to a specific event. Luckily for you, there are plenty of events to choose from around Forked River.


Chili and Comfort Food Festival


Combining two of the greatest things in the world (food and friends), this festival has become a mainstay for Forked River roofers and residents alike. With great food, vendors and activities, this festival draws up to 7,000 people to downtown Toms River every year.


For Forked River residents, this festival is just a few minutes up the road, making it easy to reach. Not only is it a great event, but it is also a way to support your local community.


Lacey Township Municipal Run


Hosted at beautiful Gilly Park, the annual Lacey Township Municipal Run brings together people from all over Forked River and the surrounding area. Whether you want to walk, run a casual 5k or compete for prizes, this run has it all.


This great event helps to not only bring the community together, but it also supports the community. It also features much more than just a run. There are vendors, food, activities and just pure family fun. Starting early in the morning, this annual event is a great chance to get the family out nice and early for a fun morning that doesn’t have to take up your entire day.


Rock 2 Adopt


If you love animals, music and supporting your local community, there may be no better event for you than Rock 2 Adopt. This annual festival is hosted by the Popcorn Park Zoo and features local musicians hosting concerts to support the adoption of animals.


By attending this event, you can come away with a fun day listening to music, eating great food, seeing some awesome animals and possibly giving a home to a new pet. What better way is there to spend a day?


Ocean County Irish Festival


In Ocean County, the Irish get more than just one day a year! Why? Because who doesn’t love to want to celebrate being Irish!

This festival celebrates all things Irish: food, dance, music and yes, BEER! Taking place near the water in Ocean County, this festival is fun for the whole family. Food trucks, local vendors, musicians and dance troupes all converge every year for a fun celebration that starts in the morning and lasts well into the evening. 

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