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Little Egg Harbor Roofing Services

G&C Home Improvements, LLC provides professional roofing contractor services to residents of Little Egg Harbor Twp. and the rest of Ocean County NJ. 


G&C is a certified IKO Roof Shingle Contractor ( with over 25 years of experience. Company owner Gerry Smith has been helping Ocean County NJ homeowners with professional roofing and home improvement services since 1991.

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This G&C job was done in the Mystic Shores section of LEH twp. The job started with a complete tear off of the old and worn out roof shingles. The old shingles had done their job and protected the home from the elements just as they were designed to do. Many of the Little Egg Harbor homes that were built during the building boom of the 80's are now in need of new roofing shingles. The shingles that were used at the time had a warranty and life expectancy of 25 years, many of the home in the area are well past that point in time.


After stripping the shingles from the roof deck and removing the old tar paper underlayment, Gerry personally inspects the roof for structural integrity. The plywood underlayment is checked for rot or mold where water may have penetrated the old shingles. On this job none is found. The usual procedure is to remove and replace any roof decking, rafters, fascia or rake material that may be compromised from prolonged exposure to moisture.


The new roof starts with IKO ice and water shield being laid down around the perimeter of the roof. This process is part of every IKO roof that G&C installs and is dictated by the lifetime warranty.  The special Ice & Water shield stops blown rain and ice backup at the gutter from pushing under the shingles and reaching the plywood. The next step in the IKO roofing process is to lay down the 15 lb. astm felt paper over the entire roof of the house. Once this is complete IKO leading edge plus starter shingles are used to secure the first line of shingles.

New Roof Shingles LEH

As a Little Egg Harbor roofing contractor G&C is capable of servicing all types of residential roof clients in the following areas.

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All G&C roofing jobs include new boot flashing for plumbing vents stacks and heater vents. Inspection and replacement of chimney flashing and flashing around other vital areas of potential water leaks.


G&C handles the complete roof service from start to finish for LEH residents as well as all other Ocean County homeowners. Pulling local permits, properly disposing of roof debris and complete job site clean up are always part of the G&C commitment to outstanding customer service. For professional roof shingle installation in Ocean County New Jersey call G&C Home Improvements today for a comprehensive free roofing estimate.  



G&C has it's own roofing deris removal equipment. G&C dump trucks can back into a convenient location for fast and safe removal of old roof shingles, tar paper and other building material. No more having a large dumpster blocking your driveway or tearing up the yard. This is just another way that G&C makes replacing your roof an easy and non intrusive process.

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