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G&C Home Improvements did a complete roof replacement to this West Granada Court, Brick NJ lagoon front home. Gerry and his roofing team removed the old shingles, felt pager and flashing to start the job. The old shingles had done their job and protected the home for 25 years as the original warranty guaranteed, but their time was up. All of the old roofing materials were placed in a job site roll off container and properly disposed of according to building and EPA codes.
Once the roof deck was exposed, the plywood was inspected for any type of unseen damage. A small leak in old roof shingles can lead to trapped moisture that deteriorates the plywood but otherwise goes undetected. A thorough inspection of the plywood decking after the shingles were removed ensures that the new roof gets off to a solid start.

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This Brick NJ roof replacement began with the installation of IKO storm shield ice and IKO water protector.  This is done as part of the IKO total roof guarantee and protects the new roof from ice back up in the gutters. G&C Home Improvements then laid down a layer of 30 lb. roofing felt paper as an underlayment to the new roof shingles, this protects against rain pushed under the shingles from a strong wind. Armour guard starter shingles from IKO were used as the starter course. The Brick NJ homeowners selected IKO dimensional shingles for their new roof. The new shingles give the roof a great architectural appearance that adds to the unique appeal of this Ocean County NJ waterfront home.


IKO roof shingles have a lifetime warranty when applied by a certified contractor like G&C who follows the manufacture specified installation technique. 

New IKO Roof Brick NJ

As a professional IKO Certified roof contractor G&C replaced all of the vent pipe collars and step flashing to give the entire roof a new round of guaranteed home protection from exterior moisture of any kind.  The installation of the new IKO roof shingles with a wind rating of 115 MPH is the final phase of the process. Like every G&C roof job, this one is completed by a thorough clean up of all debris.


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G&C Home Improvements is an IKO SHIELD PRO PLUS+ Approved Contractor 


G&C Home Improvements provides professional roofing contractor services throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties.


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