Garage Addition Ocean County NJ

Custom Build 2 Car Garage Addition Lacey NJ

Gerry Smith owner of G&C Home Improvements of Lacey NJ 08731 and his team have just completed a 2 car garage and breezeway addition. This unique project was built for a homeowner on Tappan Street in Forked River. In order for the garage to be placed in the desired plot location it had to become part of the primary structure of the home. For this reason a great looking breezeway addition now connects the new garage and the existing home, separating the front yard from the private back yard area.
new garage foundation garage addition framing

Gerry and his team staked out the new building location and began the project by digging and then pouring the concrete footing. Block is then laid on top of the footing up to grade plus 2 rows. Once the block is set the interior or the garage is graded and prepared for the garage floor concrete slab. Foundation sealer is used on the outside of below grade block to extend life and deter moisture penetration. The garage, breezeway and roof system were all stick framed. This allows for maximum storage space in the garage rafters.

framed and sheathed garage new 2 car garage

Once the framing and sheathing were complete, IKO shingles were installed on the roof. American Craftsman windows and doors by Andersen are installed in preparation for the vinyl siding. This project also included a residing of the home with Mitten Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding in Sentry Grey, also used on the new garage. New gutters, soffit and new fascia were installed on the home and new garage addition.


This garage roof began with the installation of IKO storm shield ice and IKO water protector around the roof perimeter.  This is done as part of the IKO total roof guarantee and protects the new roof from ice back up in the gutters and rain blown by high winds. Next a layer of 30 lb. roofing felt paper was put down as an underlayment to the new roof shingles. Armour guard starter shingles from IKO were used as the starter course of a complete roof system. The finished product was IKO dimensional roof shingles in charcoal grey with a lifetime warranty. The IKO shingles give this garage roof great curb appeal and lasting quality.


IKO roof shingles have a lifetime warranty when applied by a certified contractor like G&C who follows the manufacture specified installation techniques and product guidelines. As an authorized roofing contractor G&C is able to issue an IKO written guarantee upon job completion. As an Ocean County Home Improvement Contractor, G&C Home Improvements is State Licensed and fully insured for all home renovation projects.

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